iPhone Accessories

iPhone Accessories

Mobile Shark stock a wide range of iPhone Accessories such as Cases, Chargers, Data Cable & Holders. Whether you're looking for protective Cases, tempered glass protectors or car holders, there is something for you in our collection.  Browse our collection now to find the perfect for on your iPhone devices.  Enjoy Quality and the perfect fit.

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  1. Tough-JAK Camshield iPhone 13 Case - Black MS000943

    Tough-JAK Camshield iPhone 13 Case - Black

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    Out of stock
  2. Tough-JAK Armor iPhone 13 Case - Pink MS000899

    Tough-JAK Armor iPhone 13 Case - Pink

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iPhone Accessories Buyers Guide


Another year, a different iPhone. Now, you've got your pick of the iPhones. If you want to make the best out of your polished glass and metal block, you're going to need iPhone accessories. From wireless charging to safe bags, and even the dongles and adapters that Apple leaves out of the packaging, here are the best accessories for your new iPhone.

There are many brands to choose from when purchasing iPhone Accessories. Brand such as Tech21, Krusell, Incipio, Casemate are among the most popular.  The quality of accessories produced by these major brands is exceptional.  Therefore, you can be assured of getting accessories that are compatible with your iPhone

Different Types

iPhone cases are some of the most important accessories for the device to protect it from accidental damage such as bumps, scratches and drops.  There are many different types of cases to choose from such as Protective Cases, Hard Cases, Wallet Cases, Silicone Cases and many more.  However, one should consider the quality, durability and usability of the iPhone case been used to protect their device. The reason for this is not all cases will offer the above and therefore can level you iPhone at risk

  • Chargers

There are different types of chargers that can be used to charge the iPhone such as wired and wireless chargers.  When it comes to wireless chargers, the iPhone's software offers you several choices. Many consumers prefer these cold, sexy Mophie Stream mats with a slightly rubberized lip on edge to hold your phone right where you left it until bedtime. Its charging rate of 10W could allow your new iPhone quicker than the less efficient (but still familiar) 5W wireless chargers.

Screen Protectors do an important job of keeping the iPhone’s screen looking newer for longer. There are different types of screen protectors to choose from with the most popular been Tempered Glass Screen Protectors. Other types include anti-glare and privacy screen protectors which are also popular among phone users. 

Phone holders are important accessories which are also used as safety devices.  There are different types of holders such as car holder for holding your phone whilst driving and using your GPS.  The quality of the holder is important as not all holders are compatibility with every smartphone. Therefore, it is important to check your phone's compatibility with the holder you intend to purchase.

  • wireless chargers

While wireless charging involves a physical link between a handset and the adapter, most wireless charging pads can operate up to 3 mm with a thin plastic phone cover. So, you do not need to detach your mobile from the case before beginning charging.


  • Do Apple cases protect the iPhone?

Yes, However, the level of protection is dependent on the quality of the case

  • Do charging pads work with all phones?

No, Once again checking compatibility is important to determine whether the charging pad works with the phone

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