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iPhone 11 Pro Cases

iPhone 11 Pro Cases

iPhone 11 Pro Cases

Explore our range iPhone 11 Pro Cases.  Cases for the iPhone 11 Pro are on hand from major brands such as ESR, Case Foutyfour, Krusell, Eiger and Spigen.  Browse pit range now to find the perfect cases now.

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iPhone 11 Pro Cases Buyers Guide


Is the iPhone 11 Pro worth the money? Yes, the iPhone 11 Pro deserves the £700 price tag. This smartphone has the right amount of what you need in a phone. A dual camera which captures whatever you want, and the fastest chip ever in a smartphone, alongside a long-lasting battery. What more would you ask for? Well, protection is the only thing standing between you and your iPhone 11.

What kind of case are you looking for? A waterproof case, a grippy one, colourful, strong, cheap, or durable? Whatever you want has been included in this buyer guide, especially what to consider when buying iPhone 11 Pro cases. Let’s get right into it:


Buying the right iPhone 11 Pro cases is all about knowing which material was used in production. The kind of material you choose determines drop protection, price durability among other things. Silicon material is commonly used to make iPhone 11 Pro cases. It’s also considered to be safer than plastic. No wonder it’s also used to make baby bottle nipples. When used to make iPhone 11 Pro cases, it feels soft and flexible but, it’s a protective case. Leather not only covey’s style and luxury but it offers one of the best drop protection. Bamboo material has also been trending of late among iPhone 11 Pro cases because people love natural materials. Aluminium/metal will protect your iPhone 11 Pro against scratches. Aluminium cases come in gold while others are encrusted with diamonds.


Still, confused about which brand to go for? Worry no more because, with up to 9.7ft drop protection, these iPhone 11 Pro cases have you sorted. The iPhone 11 Pro clear case was designed by Apple to provide extra protection. With a blend of polycarbonate and TPU, this case gives a sturdy and comfortable feel. Other iPhone 11 Pro cases are the  ESR, Ringke, Spigen, Case FortyFour, tech21 and Eiger


When deciding on what case style best suits your iPhone 11, consider, shells, skins, and the design. For example, if you’re looking for soft, thin, and flexible cases, such skins are usually made of either silicone or rubber to make transparent and thin iPhone 11 Pro cases. Then, if you prefer hard and sturdy iPhone 11 Pro cases, they are normally tough and bumper case styles. Wallet case styles have compartments where you can safely keep your phone ids and credit cards. Flip case styles and rugged designs are equally great.


Do the iPhone 11 Pro clear cases have the same grippy feeling as other cases?

Some iPhone clear cases are slippery. The best option here is the otter box because it has a grippy edge.

Do iPhone 11 Pro cases become yellow?

They may turn yellow over time depending on how you use them. It’s advisable to switch to a new case after at least 5 months.

Does the iPhone 11 Pro require a new phone case?

The iPhone 11 Pro is supposed to be tough just as glass is but we also know how glass can be, it breaks when it lands on a hard surface. Replacing broken glass is about £500 so, yes, you need to buy iPhone 11 Pro cases.

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