Baseus Magnetic Bear Phone Ring Holder - Black

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  • Innovative Magnetic ring-system
  • Stylish and high-quality
  • 180 degrees rotation on phone’s surface
  • Works with magnetic car mounts
  • Lightweight and adds no extra weight to the handset 


Highly functional phone ring which secures the phone on your hand

The Baseus Magnetic Bear Phone Ring Holder is a stylish but also highly functional phone ring to secure it in your hands. It reduces the chances of the phone slipping from your hands and ensures protection. The ring is made of quality materials and shaped like a bear. 


Rotates 180 degrees which allow for different positions 

The Baseus Magnetic Bear Phone Ring Holder can move full 180 degrees, adjusting easily wherever you want it positioned. It’s super sleek, so doesn’t feel bulky. It doesn’t really feel very prominent when you’re holding the phone, which is why it’s also non-intrusive. 


Strong adhesive for secure attachment 

This magnetic ring attachment attaches with a strong adhesive. It doubles as a magnet for magnetic car mounts. Simply close the ring and attach the phone to the surface of the car mount.

1 x Baseus Magnetic Bear Phone Ring Holder

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