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Looking for replacement Mobile Phone Cables for your devices? Mobile Shark stock a range of Phone Cables for major brands such as Samsung, Apple, Huawei and many more.  Browse our range to find the perfect Cables such as Micro USB Cables, Type USB C Cables and Lightning Cables.

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Buyer Guide to Phone Cables


Don’t quite understand what phone cables are? In case you’ve ever wanted to charge your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, chances are high you’ve used a phone cable before. They are also commonly known as USB cables. These USB cables are available in different shapes and sizes even when most of them do just the same thing. In this buyer-guide, we will explore the different types of USB cables available on the market, materials used to manufacture them, and the styles plus more.


This is for you if you’re looking to choose durable phone cables. PVC material is commonly used to manufacture phone cables. It’s non-flammable, very strong, and also weather resistant. Most manufactures are however shifting to TPE because it’s more durable. It’s plastic but has elasticity and strength. Nylon material is also used to ensure that the copper core inside the phone cable is not damaged.


As earlier mentioned, there are a variety of phone cables with some of the handiest and popular ones being the Micro-USB cables, lightning cables, and Type C USB cables. Micro USB stands for Universal Serial Bus (USB) it’s normally used to connect compact and mobile devices like digital cameras, smartphones, and GPS devices. There are also different micro USB cable types. The first one being a Micro-A USB. This type of phone cable is used in newer mobile devices like GPS units, cell phones, and digital cameras. This type of micro USB is smaller than a Mini-B USB. It features a high-speed transfer rate of 480 Mbps despite its small size. The Micro-A USB features a white receptacle and a 5pin design. The micro-B USB is used in small electronic devices like mobile phones. It has a 5-pin design.

There’s also a USB-C cable. This cable is used to transmit both data and power on a single cable. With so many Mac and Windows laptops being manufactured, it’s clear that the USB type C cable/connector is still here for a while. USB-C ports today can be found on so many devices from external hard drives to high-end laptops. It kind of looks similar to the micro USB cable though it’s more oval-shaped and is slightly thicker. This type of cable doesn’t have an up or down orientation. There’s no need to flip it over to plug it in. it’s always facing up and charges fast.

Also, check out lightning cables. What are they? Lightning cables are known for their durability especially the Apple lightning cable. Also, most of the devices made by Apple require a lightning cable to charge. They cost much more than third-party cables.


Brands like Anker make some of the best phone cables i.e. the Anker Power Line+ Lightning cable, Native Union 10-foot night cable, Fuse Chicken, Lightning cable, among others.


Are all Micro-USB cables similar?

All USB connectors carry the same 5V regardless of whether it has a 30-pin head or micro-USB plug.

What are micro-USB phone cables?

These were designed to connect mobile devices like smartphones, mp3 players, GPS devices, digital cameras, and photo printers.

What is the most durable micro-USB phone cable?

Anker PowerLine cables are reinforced with aramid fiber to give extra strength.

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