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Looking for the perfect iPhone cases for your Apple iPhone devices?  Explore our collection of iPhone Cases and Covers such as Protective, Leather, and Silicone Cases to find the perfect Case for your device. No matter what your needs are we are sure there is something for you in our collection to... Read More

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iPhone Cases Buyers Guide


If you already own an iPhone, then you already know how delicate that smartphone is. To keep your iPhone 11,11 pro or your 11 pro max damage-free, then you have to purchase an iPhone case. One too many people have had to deal with the expenses that come with repairing a broken iPhone, and the charges just sound unrealistic. Don’t allow yourself to be one of them. With so many iPhone cases around, this buyer guide will help you zero down on the right case brands, styles, materials used and more making it easier for you to buy the right iPhone case.

Materials used

The type of materials used is an extremely crucial part of an iPhone case build. A wide range of materials is used to manufacture some of the most popular iPhone cases. These include plastic, synthetic leather, or real leather, carbon fibre among many others. Some of these materials provide better protection than others. However, there isn’t a perfect or best material but you can choose one based on the characteristics of each.


Some of the notable iPhone case brands on this list include the Apple leather Folio which is suitable for the iPhone X, XS, 11Pro, and 11Pro Max. also, brands like Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case, Vaultskin leather iPhone case are best suited for iPhone XS Max, iPhone Xs, and iPhone x. Brands like Otter box have great selections for iPhone cases too. Their cases are water-resistant and offer ultimate protection from drops. An example is the Supcase unicorn beetle case designed for the iPhone 11. Also check out Spigen Ultra Hybrid, Smartish Wallet Slayer, Pela cases, off white, and others.


iPhone cases are available in slim designs which are easy to carry, transparent ones to show off your iPhone design, bumper cases, belt hostler, leather cases, flip cases, wood cases, tough cases silicon cases, wallet case, and plastic cases.


Is Apple iPhone silicone case good?

Apple silicon case is a great choice. It’s good looking and also feels luxurious. The Apple silicon case is durable and will protect your iPhone from minor drops.

Are hard or soft cases better for iPhone?

A hard case is better for your iPhone because it offers more protection compared to a soft case.

Are Apple silicon cases very expensive?

Yes, Apple’s silicon cases are expensive. This is because Apple charges more for their cases. After all, their products are branded.

Are CASETIFY cases good?

Yes, they have a range of styles for iPhone, Apple watch, Laptops, and more. They are also durable, protective, and stylish.

What is the most protective iPhone case?

There are many protective options such as Otter box defender series, lite proof case, Spigen tough Armor case, Case-mate tough groove case, and others.

Does the iPhone case make the phone bulky?

This entirely depends on the style of the case you choose. Tough and bumper cases will add weight to your iPhone while slim cases will feel as though there isn’t a case at all.

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