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Phone Chargers Buyers Guide


If used moderately, most mobile phones will last an entire day or even longer. However, if you’re constantly doing things like gaming, using GPS navigation, or using your camera, your phone's battery will get drained in a very short time. There’s no cause to worry though because mobile phone chargers were invented with you in mind. They make sure your phone is charged when your battery dies. Whichever type you choose is entirely up to you. With this buyer guide, getting the right mobile phone charger will be an entire walk over.


It’s quite rare that you’ll find a customer even thinking or asking about materials used to make mobile phone chargers. It’s also quite understandable because of all the technicalities involved. However, it’s also very important to know about the materials used to manufacture mobile phone chargers because it can save you from buying a fake mobile charger. Some of the basic but authentic materials commonly used are charger wires, circuit 2.1 Amp PCB raw materials, 5pin wire, 5pin lead, and a charger cabinet. These materials are assumed to be the best quality and work efficiently.


If you want high-end reliable mobile phone chargers, try out the Anker Power line+ cables. They are durable, support fast charging, and work with iPhone and Android devices such as Samsung and Huawei. Anker power line mobile phone chargers support charging speeds of up to 60 watts which is enough for most fast charging tech. The Rav power 61W Dual Port charger is one of the best. It has a USB-A and USB-C port. This charger supports fast charging speeds of up to 61Watts meaning you can not only charge your phone but your laptop as well. The Rav power mobile phone chargers are relatively compact, slim, and can fit into your bag. Other brands are Muto portable chargers, Mophie chargers, Aukey 2 port USB wall charger.


Most mobile phone chargers look the same but yet are different. You’ll find mobile phone chargers that have a mini-USB. Fewer devices use this kind of connection. It only returned a few years. Today most mobile phone chargers have a micro-USB connector/fast charging that is commonly used for smartphones and tablets. The next style is the Micro-A and Micro-B USB connectors. Most smartphones use micro B. It’s good to purchase the right mobile phone charger lest you risk damaging your phone. The apple USB connecter is also available for Apple phones.


Do fast mobile phone chargers mess up your phone?

Fast chargers will charge most iPhone and Android phones, however, if your phone isn’t equipped with a quick charger, it won’t charge your phone any faster than a typical USB charger would.

Is it okay to charge your phone frequently?

It’s a better option than not fully charging your phone because a high voltage stresses the battery and wears it away with time.

How do I keep my battery 100% healthy?

Avoid extremes of heat and cold, avoid fast charging, avoid draining your battery to 0%. Then ensure to turn down the screen brightness to 50% for long term storage.

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