Google Pixel 5 Cases

Google Pixel 5 Cases

Looking for Google Pixel 5 Cases?  Browse our range of cases for the Google Pixel 5 handset such as Protective Cases, Leather Case, Silicone Case and more. Cases from popular brands such as Spigen, ESR, Tech-Protect many more are on hand. Discover all cases for Pixel 5 now

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Pixel 5 Cases Buyers Guide


Over the past few months, rumours concerning the Pixel 5 have mounted up especially about its price and how it will be better than other phones already on the market. The Google Pixel 5 is rumoured to be priced at £699, having a display of 6 inches 2340 x 1080,90Hz, two rear lenses 12.2MP main sensor and 16MP wide-angle lens. It will also have a 40,000mAh battery and 5Gconnectivity features among other things. This kind of phone with no doubt deserves all the protection you can find that’s if you intend to use it longer. This is also why this buyer-guide has been crafted to guide you through the buying process and what it is you need to consider in each for the best Google pixel 5 cases.


Last year, Google embarked on making their hardware business sustainable. It's due to this that most of their products will be made from recycled objects just as it was seen with the Google pixel 4a cases that were made from recycled materials (PET and Polycarbonate). These same materials have been used to make Google pixel 5 cases. PET and polycarbonate are durable although such a fabric picks up dust and absorbs grime. Away from Google’s official materials others used are leather, silicone, wood, and metal.


For Google pixel 5 cases, you can choose to go with Google’s official cases made from fabric or explore a range of others available on the market like the Tudia dual shield, Merge series, Anccer colourful series, Ghostek Covert, Simicoo vintage leather wallet cases, GESMA TPU cases and more.


Whether you prefer heavy-duty or light cases, or you want Google pixel 5 cases that will protect your phone without adding extra bulk there’s an option for you. Transparent case styles allow you to show off your phones build, wallet cases allow you to carry more than just your phone is ids and some cash. Tough/Rugged cases will give you confidence when holding your phone. These cases can survive even the harshest of drops. Flip cases not only look sophisticated but also ensure that the entire phone is completely protected against accidental damages. Thin cases are a great choice because they feel light and won’t add more bulk when holding.


What are the best phone case styles for Google pixel 5 cases?

There are so many case styles to choose from depending on the options available i.e. flip cases. These allow you to take phone calls without having to open the flip. Transparent cases allow you to show off your phone's design, slim cases feel so light and wallet cases safely hold your phone for you.

What are the best Google pixel 5 cases?

Check out brands like Spigen Rugged Armor, Lifeproof cases, Case-Mate wallet folio, Tauri thin-fit TPU cases, Speck Presidio clear cases, Incipio Carnaby Esquire cases among others.

Does the Google pixel 5 phones need a case?

Google Pixel devices are built to be a bit more durable and rugged however depending on who you are you may need to invest in Google Pixel 5 cases.

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