Hoco CA46 Mobile Phone Car Holder - Silver

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  • Magnetic holder
  • Metal plate
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Suction cup
  • Aluminium construction
  • Lightweight


Magnetic car mobile mount made from high-quality materials

The Hoco CA46 Mobile Phone Car Holder is a magnetic car mobile mount with a contemporary design and high-quality material. The circular magnetic base rotates a full 360 degrees and holds firm wherever set. The whole thing is minimalistic and compact, so can be used in cars of any size. 


Compatible with most mobile phone with a metal plate

The Hoco CA46 Mobile Phone Car Holder is 50 mm in height and 34 mm in width, weighing just 46 grams. It can work with most phones with a metal plate that goes into the case of the phone. The base of the holder has a suction cup that holds on to the surface firmly. You can place it anywhere in the car, including the dashboard, window, or windshield. 


Made with top-quality aluminium

This is made with top-quality aluminium with its signature metallic lustre. It’s not just functional, but also very aesthetically pleasing. It will work great with any kind of car interior.

Hoco CA46 Mobile Phone Car Holder

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