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Phone Holders Buyers Guide


Choosing the best mobile phone holders can be overwhelming because there are many styles and designs. As we know choosing the right one can be a difficult task, we have compiled all the necessary details to help you decide easily on which one would work best for you.


The materials used in the making of mobile phone holders are chosen with convenience, good grip, and prevention of smartphone damage in mind. That’s why a blend of hard plastic, soft plastic, metal, wood, rubber, and fabric produces some of the most durable and high-quality mobile phone holders.


More and more companies are manufacturing mobile phone holders that allow easy and safe fitting of the phone allowing you to multitask. These mobile smartphone holders can be used by either fitting or mounting the phone onto a wall or the car’s windscreen when driving. Car users normally prefer mobile phone holders that have magnets.

The best win for this type of phone holder is the Artek brand. Their mobile phone holders are stable, easy to use, reliable, and relatively cheap. They are also small and convenient. Other trusted brands  Halfords, Magnetic Windscreen Mount, Sakura Mobile phone holder SS4610, Sakura in Vent Gravity Anto-Grip, Universal Smartphone car holder, Greenwich Car air vent mount, and more.


Mobile phone holders come in many different colours and styles from weird to sleek and practical ones like the pop sockets. Pop socket mobile phone holders are cool and trendy and can be mounted at the back of your phone. Ring mobile phone holders are also loved by many. They allow you to firmly grip your phone especially when your hands are full. Folding mobile phone holders allow you to put your phone on a stand safely for later.

Others are the standing/base mobile phone holders that allow your phone to sit on the desk, stick-on holders that hold your phone together via adhesives, automounts that allow you to use your mobile phone when on the move. They are very handy when you need to use GPS or listen to the latest music.


What is the best mobile phone holder?

There isn’t a specific “best” mobile phone holder. You can choose from many depending on your need or use. For example, vent car mounts for when you’re driving, ring mobile phone holders for when you have to carry other things, and so on.

Are the magnetic mobile phone holders/mounts bad for your phone?

Most phone mounts on the market use small magnets that won’t damage your phone or how it functions. Your phone's speakers, screen, and GPS are all impervious to interference.

Can magnetic mobile phone holders work with a case?

A case does not work with magnetic phone mounts. Also, the metal plate won’t stick on the case because of its silicon material.

How do I get my mobile phone holder to stick to the dashboard?

The fastest and easiest way to dock and undock your phone every time you enter your car is to use magnet mounts/magnet, mobile phone holders. They can easily be removed.

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