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iPhone 11 Pro Max Krusell Birka Wallet Case

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Why Buy This Product?


  • Made for the iPhone 11 Pro Max to ensure a perfect fit
  • Card slots for added con
  • Natural cork
  • Durable
  • Lightweight, adding no bulk to your pocket 
  • Elegant and soft to touch


Ultimate protection for the handset 

The iPhone 11 Pro Max Krusell Birka Wallet Case is crafted with eco-friendly cork from Portugal. The inclusion of natural elements in its structure makes it more durable and increases the strength which eventually protects the phone from damage.

360° degree protection of your phone

The smooth and luxurious cover made by natural cork is pillowy to touch with a feather-like weight as each particle in its shell is organic. With its wallet design, it promises 360° protection of your phone by wrapping itself around it. It has a multi-card slot which can be a home to many of your important and frequently used cards.

Eco-friendly and durable cover

The natural material protects against scratches and keeps off dust and other foreign particles. This eco-friendly and durable cover will also enhance naturally resist germs and bacteria, so your case will stay sanitary easily.

1 x iPhone 11 Pro Max Krusell Birka Wallet Case

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