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iPhone 11 Pro Max Stylish Leather Case

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  • Made for the iPhone 11 Pro Max to ensure a perfect fit
  • Water-resistant for extra protection against accidental damage 
  • Leather cover
  • Stylish
  • Perfect cutouts for access to all buttons and ports 
  • Scratch-resistant


Maximum protection  

The iPhone 11 Pro Max Stylish Leather Case has a trendy design and unique features. This classy leather-bound cover gives your phone maximum protection while at the same time elevating your phone’s looks.

Made with water-resistant materials 

This iPhone 11 Pro Max Stylish Leather Case is water-resistant which gives ultra-security against any liquid accidentally spilling. Also, it protects from scratches, accidental drops, knocks, or bumps that cause dents. The leather cover fits perfectly around your phone keeping its weight and size the same as without cover.

Sturdy and durable cover

This stylish leather cover is sturdy and durable with flexibility and, of course, its unique charm. It also has a vintage vibe. The cutouts are precise and the integrated buttons provide protection for buttons from scratches and smudges.

1 x iPhone 11 Pro Max Stylish Leather Case 

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