iPhone 12 Mini ESR Cloud Silicone Case - Black

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Why Buy This Product?


  • Made for the iPhone Mini 12
  • Shock absorbent
  • Smooth, clean surface
  • Wireless charging
  • Velvet lining
  • Raised bezels for extra protection 


Lightweight, protective case which adds no extra bulk 

The iPhone 12 Mini ESR Cloud Silicone Case is a black colour, feather-light, protective case that adds a classy touch to the phone. This simple case is made of a shock-absorbing silicone material and lined with a velvety fabric. This lining keeps the surface of the phone smudge-free and clean. 


Raised bezels to protect the screen and camera

With raised bezels for the screen and camera panel, the Cloud case goes the extra mile in protecting the delicate features of the phone. The buttons are smooth and responsive, while the precise cutouts for the lightning port, speakers, and volume toggle make it easy to use these features with the case on. 


Anti-fingerprint and reinforced corners

The iPhone 12 Mini ESR Cloud Silicone Case surface doesn’t register any fingerprints or oil, so it stays clean at all times. The reinforced corners block any shock from bumping the phone’s corners. It also features lanyard holes on the sides, so you can attach straps. This is wireless charging compatible.

1 x  iPhone 12 Mini ESR Cloud Silicone Case

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