iPhone 13 Mini ProGrip Tough Case - Pink

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Why Buy The iPhone 13 Mini ProGrip Tough Case - Pink?


  • Light, soft, and flexible enough to fit the phone
  • Provides excellent grip
  • Eco-friendly biodegradable material so no pollution
  • It’s scratch-resistant to keep the phone neat.


The ProGrip for iPhone 13 Mini is soft light and flexible

The iPhone 13 Mini ProGrip Tough Case is lightweight and flexibility make it easier for users to put it on and off the phone. Also because the silicone material is naturally elastic, the material will fit your iPhone 13 Mini perfectly.

It provides an excellent grip

In this case, the chances of your iPhone slipping through your phone are very slim.

It’s made using an eco-friendly biodegradable material

Silicone is known for being eco-friendly and biodegradable meaning no chemicals are used in the making.

The case doesn’t allow scratches to form

When the case rubs against rough surfaces or accidentally drops a few times, you may not notice any scratch marks in the case because it’s what silicone does.

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