iPhone XR Case Fortyfour No. 3 Ultra Slim Case

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  • Made for the iPhone XR to ensure a perfect fit
  • Cutouts/inlets for easy access to all ports and buttons
  • Scratch protection
  • Lightweight
  • Ultraslim design 


The ultraslim design which added no extra bulk to your pocket  

The iPhone XR Case Fortyfour No. 3 Ultra Slim Case is all about minimalism. This ultraslim cover provides essential protection without feeling bulky. However, that does not mean it compromises on quality, so your phone stays protected even when you drop it. 

Protection from scratches and dents

The sides are quite strong, so they protect those edges of the phone that are most vulnerable to scratches and dents. Since this cover is all about minimalism, it only covers the corners and flat surfaces of the phone. For buttons and ports, there are very precise cutouts. So accessing these functions is similar to how you access them without a cover on. 

Enhances the appearance of the iPhone XR

The matte finish of the cover does not get any scratches or smudges. This is one of those covers that do not compromise the look of your phone for the sake of protection. 

1 x iPhone XR Case Fortyfour No. 3 Ultra Slim Case

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