iPhone XS ESR Oxford Case Black

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  • Designed for the iPhone X and XS to ensure a precise fit
  • Shock absorption for protection from drops and knock 
  • Sophisticated design
  • Button protection
  • Increased grip for extra protection
  • Compatible with wireless charging for added convenience


Protection for the outer body of the iPhone XS

The iPhone XS ESR Oxford Case Black is a PU leather case in classic black colour. It will go well with all colours of the iPhone XS. The inside of the case features a soft fabric liner. It cushions the effect of impact and protects the surface of the phone. 

Easy to apply and remove iPhone XS for the case 

The iPhone XS ESR Oxford Case Black PU leather itself is shock reducer, even though it’s not very thick. The case is lightweight and easy to use. With cutouts and integrated buttons, you can use the physical features effortlessly. Plus, it enhances the look with its sophistication. 

Branded product with ESR logo

The ESR logo is hammered on to the leather. The grainy texture improves the grip when the phone is in your hands. 




1 x  iPhone XS ESR Oxford Case Black

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