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Oneplus 8T Cases

Oneplus 8T Cases

Oneplus 8T Cases

To protect the OnePlus 8T from damage we stock a range of Oneplus 8T Cases which include Protective Cases, Leather Cases, Silicone Cases and more other types.  Cases from major brands such as ESR, Spigen, Eiger and others are included.  Browse our collection now to find the perfect cases for the 8T device 

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OnePlus 8T Cases Buyers Guide


The challenges of 2020 have proven to be serious for most phone companies. Regardless of this, they haven’t stopped at releasing new phones with each passing month. The release date for the OnePlus 8T phone is 14th October 2020. Multiple leaks point out to the smartphone is a lot cheaper than we expect, priced at $700. The OnePlus 8T phone is expected to have a display of 6.55 inches, a quad camera, a 4,500mAh, 65W fast charging battery among other things. The OnePlus 8T phone is one phone you should be excited to have. What’s even more interesting is that the OnePlus 8T cases are already available on the market. We’ve crafted this buyer-guide to help you make the right choice when buying OnePlus 8T cases. Here’s what you need to consider:


OnePlus 8T cases made using silicon are usually of high quality, are affordable, and also available in unique designs. Silicon material can protect your phone from collecting dust, moisture, and attaining scratches from falls. It’s also really lightweight, pleasant to touch, and easy to clean. Genuine and PU leather materials are used to make the sleekest OnePlus 8T cases. Genuine leather is used to make expensive cases. One should also note that leather isn’t as durable because it’s prone to wear and tear but it can protect your phone from most scratches and drops. Plastic material is made up of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) or polycarbonate (PC). Polycarbonate is stronger than TPU, its lightweight, affordable, wear-resistant, and elastic, and shockproof. Metal material is the hardest and most reliable of all these case materials but isn’t just as popular. This is because it’s very bulky and expensive. It can protect the body of your phone well, fabric material is the cheapest of all these. It’s great at protecting your phone from scratches.


The most popular OnePlus 8T cases are from brands like Spigen Liquid Air, Poetic affinity, Supcase UB style, Spigen rugged armor, X-Level Guardian, OnePlus 8T pro sand stone bumper case, Poetic revolution, Tudia merge series, and the GESMA soft TPU cases.


Always consider the capability of each style and you’ll find the right fit for your phone. Wallet cases are the best for people who want to carry their ids and credit cards along with the phone. Leather cases especially in the flip design will make your phone look stylish. Then, if you’re always doing heavy work you need to buy a rugged OnePlus 8T case. They will protect your phone from cracks anytime. Thin/clear cases are lightweight and quite protective. Hard, official, designer, metal, and wooden are other styles to try out.


Who are the best manufacturers of OnePlus 8T cases?

Brands like Spigen, Ringke, Poetic revolution, GESMA, and UAG plasma are the best.

Are there rugged OnePlus 8T cases?

Ringke fusion-x makes the best rugged OnePlus 8T cases. They have reinforced sides and corners to protect your phone.

Are ultra-thin cases protective?

They are really thin and quite protective, however, in case of a serious drop, your phone may not survive.

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