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Samsung Accessories

Looking for Samsung Accessories for your devices?  Mobile Shark stock a range of Chargers, Holders, Data Cables, Cases, Screen Protectors and more for your Samsung devices.  Browse our range now to find the perfect accessories now and Enjoy Quality, Low Prices and the Perfect Fit.   

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Samsung Accessories Buyers Guide


Purchasing the latest Samsung smartphone will involve purchasing Samsung accessories to make full use of the device.  You can customizing your smartphone by covering it with covers that fit your theme. This helps you boost usability and customize your tablet's design with a variety of cases, sheets, keyboards, and adapters.  You can configure your Galaxy Watch with a new band, including Watch Attachments for your Samsung mobile, or add comfort with an extra battery.  Plus, charging with wireless chargers and portable batteries is easy and convenient.


There are many different brands to choose from when buying Samsung accessories such as Spigen, Moshi, OtterBox, and Case-Mate to name a few.  Explore our collection of different brands of accessories for your Samsung devices

Different Types 

If you're planning to acquire the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone on a contract or outright, you'll almost definitely want to invest in a premium Samsung case that keeps it in the most excellent possible shape for as long as you can. You can choose from many covers that are built to secure your phone and to show your style. Wallet Cases, Leather Cases, Protective Cases, official Cases and more are part of our range

Charging isn't a handset or tablet's most entertaining feature, yet it's a critical one. Using any Samsung travel adapter, you may charge your smartphone, but the charging speeds can differ depending on the connector. It's suggested to use the adapter, which initially came with your phone or tablet. Using Samsung charging devices and accessories only when you require extra wires, power adapters, accessories, or replacements.

Mobile phones are at the heart of the electronic universe of all; they have been, as they do, and omnipresent offering, improved connectivity, multimedia, entertainment, and even internet surfing. With this in mind, we have several mobile phone screens protectors like iPhone screen protectors and Samsung screen protectors, which are built to keep the screens protected from the worst scratches. Wherever you carry your smartphone, these screen protectors are an essential complement to your mobile accessories range.

Today's business is packed with Samsung's most acceptable smartphone owner. Samsung Phone Holders specifically suit the Samsung phone to assure a comfortable and stable lock. They have unique phone holders without cases, and several flexible holders to match phones with cases. There is also a Samsung owner with charging capabilities. Don't settle for a cheap phone holder for your vehicle-

  • wireless chargers

Get trouble-free charging for fast powerup when you need to. Wireless charging prevents you from keeping things mixed up, allowing them the extra ease and pace of quickly putting their computers on a charging table. The Wireless Charging Stand (sold separately) allows you to use it as a pad or table, enabling you to either rest your phone. At the same time, it loads, or continue watching videos and searching by propping it up against the frame. And you can charge two computers at once with the Wireless Adapter Pair, whether your iPhone and Galaxy Watch or your iPhone and a friend's.


  • Is Samsung watches compatible with all Samsung phones?

The Galaxy Wearable software is the source of all that applies to your smartwatch. Only some Android and iOS phones are compatible with Samsung watches-make sure your handset is compatible.

  • Can I leave my phone at home and use my Galaxy watch?

Users may leave home their phone and still play music, take calls or texts, or get updates from time to time. ... PLEASE NOTE: if your Galaxy Watch is attached to your phone through Bluetooth, the Wi-Fi would be shut off automatically. You should connect to a Wi-Fi network manually, following the measures below.

  • What kind of chargers do Samsung phones use?

A regular Li-ion rechargeable battery powers your phone or tablet. Use the Versatile Quick Charger and USB-C cable, which came in the box to get the best out of your system. This adapter comes with a 5.0V/2.0A power supply and has SAMSUNG written on it.

  • Why my Samsung charger is not working?

The most popular explanations for failure to charge a battery are faulty wire, plug, socket or connector. Dirt in the charging door, or waste.

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