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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Cases

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Cases

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Cases

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Cases for extra protection. With a high-end smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, the number 1 priority should be to protect the device from damage.  Browse our range of Cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 such as Protective Cases, Leather Cases, Silicone Cases and more.  Many brnad such as ESR, Case Fortyfour , Samsung and other are on hand.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Cases Buyers Guide


The regular Samsung Galaxy Note 20 may not have a glass back but it’s still one of Samsung’s hugest phones. It’s fully packed with the best features to provide high-end performance for those that rely on their phone for almost anything. Not investing in Samsung Galaxy Note 20 cases, puts your phone at risk of getting damaged. From rugged to thin cases, this buyer guide will help you get the right Samsung Galaxy Note 20 cases among the many.


When choosing Samsung Galaxy Note 20 cases, you need to select a case made of shock-absorbent materials like silicone or rubber. These cases should at least be able to cover most of your phones vulnerable corners. Plastic cases don’t effectively absorb shock and are most likely to shift impact onto the device itself. Polycarbonate and polypropylene are the hardest plastic material. Leather material creates a soft texture, presents a sophisticated design alongside offering average protection against scratches and drops. Metal and wood are also used to manufacture some Samsung Galaxy Note 20 cases.


Spigen Liquid Crystal allows you to show off your lovely Samsung Galaxy Note 20 with their clear and soft cases. Spigen also offers good grip and scratch protection. The Samsung Kvadrat covers are bright and cheerful looking especially those in the colour red. Caseology Parallax offers many places to grip with your fingers. Ringke Air-S is slim but surprisingly grippy among the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 cases. It will guard your phone against common slips and drops. Speck Presidio 2 grip upgraded their armour to provide robust protection and give a good grip.


Most of the common Samsung phone cases like Ringke and Speck manufacture a variety of case styles. Which style you choose depends on what you like i.e. leather makes your phone look classy to match your personality? Leather cases are more expensive compared to plastic ones because they are durable and protect your phone from major drops. Go for wallet styles if you like to carry your ids and credit cards and even some lose money. Go for rugged/tough styles if you’re more on the clumsy side. They are considered to be the most protective style. Silicon and plastic cases are great because they are affordable, come in a range of colours, and can protect your phone from damages for some time.


Are Torro cases slim?

Yes, especially if it’s genuine premium leather and with your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 inserted, the overall profile is 17mm, it will look and feel as though there’s no case.

Which cases support wireless charging with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20?

Many of the cases are compatible with wireless charging, however its worth knowing that certain protective cases are very bulky or that those will a metal build will not be compatible.

Is it possible to still fit a screen protector if I apply a case?

Yes, you still need to install a screen protector because some cases like Olixar Sentinel come with a glass screen protector.

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