Screen Protectors

Screen Protectors

Explore our collection of Screen Protectors for different brands including Samsung, iPhone and many more.  Tempered Glass, Privacy and Film Screen Protectors are some of the first items you should acquire to protect the device from damage.   Browse our collection now to find the... Read More

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Screen Protectors Buyers Guide


Your mobile is a great and precious asset. This isn’t just for the price tag but also for the uses. That’s why you may need an extra protective layer for your mobile phone. Unfortunately, the screen protector might not protect your Smartphone from much. Besides, a protector is not unbreakable. But it's going to attach a layer of security to your screen. In fact, replacing the glass on your device is far more than the expense of a screen protector. You can also afford to spend a tiny amount to shield your precious phone from bumps and accidental shocks.


For a long time later, plastic screen protectors have been around. Further, you have either seen these or added them to your camera. They feel like a piece of cardboard. You have to carefully stack them, as they are easily roll-up. Plastic protectors are relatively inexpensive, and you'll find a five for two bucks set. That said, plastic materials aren't that strong, but in case of slips and drops, they don't support.

Recently, tempered glass protectors have become more common, particularly with a significant fall in prices. You will now buy them for as little as $5, a modest expenditure to cover hundreds of worth of cell phones. Tempered glass shields provide higher scratch tolerance, and most significantly, they insulate the device a little from drops. Tempered glass often imitates the look of the real computer more precisely, rendering it far more fun.


Some of the major brands of screen protectors include;

Different types of screen protectors

Are you using your device outdoors or in poorly lit areas? If so, you can find a screen protector for the anti-glare (AG). When choosing the ideal screen protector, consider how you're going to use your handset. Will you use it in bright areas, and for how much time? Then you can pick between protector AG and non-AG (standard).


What should you consider in a screen protector?

The best protector on the screen should offer a sensation of inexistent glass coating on top and a nice way to reach it. This may be difficult to locate an unseen shield. Many of them come with hinged or painted edges or corners that catch dust or lint.

Do you really need a screen protector?

Many consumers are still purchasing screen protectors to protect certain displays, but they're less required. Screen protectors were essentially obligatory, but developments in glass and coatings rendered them impractical for most users. If you are using a new handset, you don't have to purchase a screen protector.

How effective are screen protectors?

Screen protectors help protect displays against scratching, which may damage a display's structural stability and potentially create significant cracks. So, if you fall it on the floor, don't expect them to save your cell!

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