Tech-Protect Z-16 Universal Stand Holder- Black

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  • Universal phone compatibility
  • Works for both horizontal and vertical orientation
  • 270 degree rotation of the hook
  • Works with cables
  • Highly stable


270 degrees rotation

The Tech-Protect Z-16 Universal Stand Holder is a desk-mount for mobile phones made with high-quality materials. It features a 270 degrees rotation on two ends that you can use to get a custom angle for your personal viewing. 


Horizontal and vertical positioning 

The hooks of the stand where you place the phone have a gap between them so it’s easy to insert a cable. The back of the stand also has a cutout in it from which the cable can be passed through. You can place the phone both horizontally and vertically. 


Universal Holder

It’s incredibly easy to adjust the angle, and the stand maintains its position. You can use it with virtually any phone. The stand itself is lightweight and portable, so you can even travel with it.

1 x Tech-Protect Z-16 Universal Stand Holder

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