Tough-JAK Armor iPhone 13 Mini Case - Pink

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Why Buy The Tough-JAK Armor iPhone 13 Mini Case - Pink?


  • It is drop-tested and approved
  • Offers phone protection
  • Available in pink
  • It has raised edges for extra phone protection


It has been drop-tested and approved

The Tough-JAK Armor iPhone 13 Mini Case has been drop tested which means that the case is very functional and will protect your iPhone 13 Mini when it accidentally drops.

Users who love pink can get a case they like.

This case is available in the color Pink which is a warm and beautiful color suitable for almost any occasion.

Hard PC cover and flexible TPU protects the phones and phone buttons

The back of your phone is shielded from damage by the hard PC cover. The flexible TPU material makes it easy to insert the phone.

It has raised edges designed to protect the front screen and camera

With a 1.8mm raised screen lip, the front screen is protected in case the phone falls face flat plus the 2.0m raised camera lips for the back, prevents the camera from damage.

Tough-JAK Armor iPhone 13 Mini Case - Pink

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