Huawei Accessories

Huawei Accessories

Looking for Huawei Accessories?  Mobile Shark stock a range of Cases, Screen Protectors, Chargers, Data Cable and Holders for your devices. Browse our range now to find the perfect items.  Enjoy Quality, Low Prices and the perfect fit on items for your Huawei devices!

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  1.  Huawei P40 Pro Eiger Glacier Case  MS000065

    Huawei P40 Pro Eiger Glacier Case

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  2. Huawei P40 Pro Ringke Fusion X Case  MS000060

    Huawei P40 Pro Ringke Fusion X Case

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  3. Shocksock Neoprene Pouch Case MS000162

    Shocksock Neoprene Pouch Case

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Huawei Accessories Buyers Guide


The right accessories from Huawei could upgrade your mobile! Choose from Huawei Accessories such as batteries,  screen protectors, car phone holders, spares, speakers, headsets, or earphones, and watch your technology change. A Huawei case will help defend your handset from scratches and cracks.


There is a wide range of different brands to choose from when selecting Huawei Accessories.  Popular brands Spigen, Moshi, OtterBox, Case-Mate ESR, Eiger and many more are available.  

Different Types


Ensuring your precious mobile phone is protected is incredibly important, and a case is the safest choice, which is fantastic as we have a wide range to fit any taste:

  • Wallet case-excellent for overall security, sometimes with credit card slots and even a kickstand;
  • Smart case-the most common of original cases, you can pick one that suits your phone's colour;
  • Waterproof ideal for damp weather, however, they can arise;
  • Leather Cases are still a smart option for a more traditional style.


Wireless technology is taking over, and we get to pick from an enviable range. We will continue to sell the traditional forms, of course:

  • USB charging cord, initial as well as compatible;
  • Portable plug- simple to use and a more convenient phone socket than ever;
  • Docking station- for simultaneous charging of many devices.

Screen Protectors

Accidents do arise! You don't want to end up with remorse, and you're in a spot to purchase a new phone, so make sure you've got one of the following:

  • Tempered glass-Customer favourite these days;
  • Liquid glass-ideal for almost any mobile and tablet;
  • Anti-glare-the safest option for those in public areas that respect their privacy;
  • Conventional screen guards-these guard well against scratches and falls injury.


Boost your driving experience with Car Holders for convince. Holder such as windscreen, vent, and headrest are among the most popular.

wireless chargers

The Huawei devices have preloaded Qi wireless charging. They are, therefore, compliant with Qi wireless chargers such as those used in public spaces and automobiles and the broad spectrum of Air charges. Simply place the smartphone on a Qi wireless charger to start charging while using either of those ones.


  • The best wireless charger stand?

HUAWEI SuperCharge Wireless Charging Stand is the best attachment available in this situation. Can do this and up to 40 W.

It also has a Compact positioning feature and dual-coil charging. This Huawei stand also promotes double-heat dissipation via a vertical cooling system.

  • The most compatible charger for Huawei P40?

In this instance, the best attachment is the HUAWEI P40 Wireless Charging Device. Also, it's compliant with HUAWEI P40. It maintains up to 22.5 W.

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